Dunk It Up

Dunk It Up is a game that delivers a terrific experience to all basketball enthusiasts. Start an adventurous basketball trip with it. You can practice your throws, become a professional player, and learn the art of accuracy and power in this thrilling game.

In this game, there is a virtual basketball court with a hoop and a basketball separated by a predetermined distance. Your objective is to create lines for the ball and then toss it into the ring. You must make sure that your throw is precise and forceful by closely examining distance, angle, and trajectory in order to do this.

You can click on the ball to call a distinctive dashed line in the game thanks to its user-friendly UI. Using this line as a guide, you may determine the ideal trajectory for your throw. You will receive points if your calculations are accurate and the ball enters the ring. Your score increases with the accuracy and force of your toss. Players of all skill levels can have an enjoyable basketball experience with this game. It is a must-try for any basketball fan because it is not only fun but also helps you get better at throwing. Take out your e-basket and start dunking!

How To Play

  • To set the ball's trajectory, use the mouse.

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