Basketball Stars

Master your basketball moves and climb your way to becoming the new champion in Basketball Stars! Which legendary player is your most favorite?

Conquer the Basketball Court with Legendary Players in Basketball Stars!

Have you ever dreamed of being the most amazing basketball player ever? In Basketball Stars, players will have the chance to become their very own legendary basketball players as they take the game by storm! Participate in thrilling matches alongside legends like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and so many more! Will you be the decisive factor that brings your team to victory?

Basketball Stars is a sports-themed game that revolves around basketball. Unlike other games of the same theme, it gives players the chance to become professional basketball players with a variety of game options and characters to choose from. Furthermore, each player has a unique superhuman ability that can save the match at the last minute! Find out more about them, along with tips and tricks, to become the new champion in Basketball Stars!

What to Do in Your First Match

What are the Rules of Basketball Stars Game?

If you love watching the NBA, chances are that you are already familiar with the rules of a basketball match. However, if you are simply a fan of sports games and want to give Basketball Stars a try, worry not! In this game, the matches have already been simplified considerably, so you will know every important rule in seconds!

  • Each match lasts for 1 minute only. The closer the timer is about to run out, the more points are received per shot.
  • Throughout the match, the player needs to take on both roles: defending the hoop and scoring. To prevent the opponents from increasing their score, the player needs to block the ball and defend their hoop. On the other hand, the player also needs to take the initiative to get the ball and shoot the hoop.
  • To stand a higher chance of winning, the player should try to score as many points as they can.
  • Each basketball player has a special skill that will be usable after a cool-down period.

What Are the Game Modes?

With Basketball Stars, players can customize the game mode to their liking. Regardless of game mode, the goal of each match is for your team to have a higher score than your opponent’s in order to win the game. Whether you want to hone your skills by yourself or have fun with your friend, the game has you covered!

1-Player Mode

In this single-player mode, you will be competing against the CPU in either 1v1 or 2v2 matches. Keep in mind, however, that even if you play on a two-person team, you can only control one player while the CPU controls the other. Within this mode, there are three different options:

  • Tournament (Normal or Hard): Take part in multiple matches against other teams and progress through the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final. If you lose a match, the progress will reset, and you will need to start from the beginning. 
  • Random Match: Pick two teams and begin your match against the CPU.
  • Training: Have a basketball court to yourself and practice some secret moves.

2-Player Mode

With this mode, a friend of yours can join the match, either as an ally or an opponent. Just like in 1 Player Mode, you can pick between 1v1 or 2v2 matches, and each player can only control one basketball player. As such, in 2v2 matches, the players can choose to be on the same or opposing teams.

Quick Match

If you are looking for a quick game without the hassle of setting up the game mode, Quick Match will put you in a 1v1 match with random players.

List of Special Abilities and Their Usage

  • Mega Dunk: If your player happens to be holding the ball, he will leap to the opponent’s hoop and dunk the ball from any place.
  • Alley-Oop: As long as your player is holding the ball, he will launch the ball to the other side of the court, teleport, and dunk the ball.
  • Fast Break: Sprint past the opponent and snatch the ball from him at the same time.
  • Iron Defense: Transform your basketball hoop into a block of iron for a limited time, making it impossible for your opponent’s ball to pass through.

How to Control Your Player

1-Player Mode

  • Control your basketball player with the WASD or arrow keys; press a key twice to dash forward.
  • Shoot or snatch the ball with the X or L keys.
  • Raise or block the ball from the opponent with the S or down arrow key.
  • Perform the special ability with the K or Z keys.

2-Player Mode

Player 1:

  • Control your basketball player with the WASD keys; press a key twice to dash forward.
  • Shoot or snatch the ball with the B key.
  • Raise or block the ball from the opponent with the S key.
  • Perform the special ability with the V key.

Player 2:

  • Control your basketball player with the arrow keys; press a key twice to dash forward.
  • Shoot or snatch the ball with the L key.
  • Raise or block the ball from the opponent with the down arrow key.
  • Perform the special ability with the K key.

Now that you know all the basics of the Basketball Stars, it’s finally time to put your knowledge to the test and start your first match!

How to Become the Best Basketball Player Ever

  • Shoot the ball while standing as close to the opponent’s hoop as possible: The closer your player is to the opponent’s hoop, the more chance he will have to shoot the hoop!
  • Use certain special skills immediately: For players with Mega Dunk and Alley-Oop special abilities, don’t hesitate to use them as soon as they are available, since they are practically free points for you!
  • Defend first and attack later: Since the number of points per shot increases when the timer is about to run out, one popular strategy is to prevent your opponent from scoring first, which will also tire them out. When the match is about to be over, it’s your time to shine and score as much as you can!
  • Experiment with different team combinations: If you are playing in 2v2 matches, it is worth trying out different teams to see which special skills of basketball players pair well with others!

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