Punch Hero

Punch Hero is an action-packed game featuring strange encounters mixed with wall-breaking challenges. In order to eliminate every obstacle in this multiplayer clicker game, you must improve your boxing techniques. The objective is to advance across several regions, gathering loot and strengthening oneself in the process. Use your strength to set out on a remarkable adventure.

You can customize your character's look and put your nickname in the appropriate section before you start playing. To make your punches more powerful, get to the punching bag and begin training. Next, in order to obtain the golden key, you must breach a few dozen brick walls. You can access a variety of fantastic new places with this key, such as lava pits and pumpkin patches. You will get more presents, which will enable you to advance more quickly the longer you play. Utilize the points you accumulate to get amazing gloves with eye-catching visuals. Utilize your crushing strikes to breach charmed barriers and grant entry to fresh prospects!

Immerse In Entrancing Features

  • An immersive experience is brought to life by the intuitive controls.
  • As you level up, your hero's power will increase.
  • The game's simple yet engaging mechanics of tap, break and advance will attract you.

How To Play

  • Press WASD + Shift to move or run.
  • Space to dance.
  • E represents autonomous rail switching.
  • Q to toggle the automatic punch
  • F or right-click to launch a devastating punch.
  • To rotate the camera, use the arrow keys or drag with the mouse.
  • Load emoji replies for a dance or emoji.
  • Press ESC to enter the wizard and settings menu.

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