Boxing Fighter

Donning your gloves, get ready to take on formidable foes in the game of Boxing Fighter. The 3D game takes place in a heated boxing ring. Here, you'll have to take out formidable foes before they can kill you. The timer will start ticking once you bring your opponent down. After 10 seconds, the match ends if your opponent is unable to stand up. You will then win. 

You need to direct the boxer's movements to succeed in this game. Aim your attacks at the enemy's head and body. Use your right or left hand to do a headbutt by swiping your fist. He also has attacks that you can stop or avoid. As soon as you spot your enemy stooping and getting ready to swing their sword, quickly swipe to the left or right to evade the strike. You and your opponent's health bars are displayed at the top of the screen. You gain a specific amount of bonus points if you triumph over your opponent. For instance, you can purchase stronger boxing gloves with coinage and use them to increase your character's stats. This fortifies you.

Immerse In Entrancing Features 

  • Vibrant 3D graphics and a user-friendly gaming surface
  • Select an opponent to vanquish from a selection of many opponents.
  • Examine every player's data to determine which matchups are the best.

How To Play

  • To punch, use the A and D keys.
  • To dodge, use the left and right arrow keys.

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