Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

Play the game Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon, and welcome to the gym. You have to build and develop a group of fighters into real muscle champions in this game. Being strong will help you win, put on more muscle, enhance the qualities of your fighters, and bring in money. Take part in combat competitions to become the greatest fighter of all time!

You have to assemble a group of warriors before you can begin the game. A room that has been divided into squares will appear on the screen. They will cater to athletes who engage in a wide range of workouts. It is your job to locate two identical cells and draw a line connecting them to the mouse. Points will be awarded to you for producing an athlete who is more advanced and dynamic.


  • Adjust and select your favorite ninja karate dojo strategy, such as a higher fighter spawn rate.
  • Move up the ladder by defeating legendary figures.
  • Challenge mode and infinite-level mode offer plenty of attractive rewards.
  • To quickly become the strongest, upgrade your soldiers with the money you've acquired.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to drag and select similar fighters

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