Muscle Clicker

In Muscle Clicker, it's time to bulk up your scrawny character's muscles to become the hardest person in the gym. This is a good workout game. You will put in a lot of practice when competing for cash and make investments to upgrade the practice equipment. Prepare to work up a sweat by pulling on your gym shorts!

The player's character will be slender at first. Your objective is to strengthen your character's muscles through consistent practice. Don't worry, even though you begin your adventure with basic tools. If you practice a lot, your character will undoubtedly have the ideal physique.

However, it's also challenging because regular exercise will wear you out. Thus, you can get additional equipment to promote muscle growth whenever you have enough money. Unlock a variety of strength training devices, bikes, and even larger weights. Aim to build your character and raise your weight at the same time. Your entire body will become pure muscle as a result of your patience, which will allow you to acquire as much muscle and endurance as possible. In competitions, try to finish as many movements as you can to set records.

How To Play

  • After you click on the screen, the character will start to move.

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