Devil Dash

Prepare yourself to travel a perilous path through a horrific voyage with Devil Dash. The challenging obstacles in the game will put your patience and quick reflexes to the test. It is your task to guide the little block devil through each gate and dodge every trap. To get over hurdles, you have to jump when the time is right. Control gravity and the rules of physics to your advantage at the same time. Bravely make your way past challenging barriers!

In contrast to other adventure games, this one features unforeseen traps. So you'll need to pay strict attention because even the smallest mistake will cost you the game. Although it appears easy, winning this game is difficult. There are numerous levels in the game that are appropriate for all skill levels. First-time players can play easy levels. They can help you become more prepared for the next, trickier stage. Play now to experience this amazing universe!

How To Play

  • To move, use the arrow keys or AD; to jump, use Space or W.

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