Egg Dash

Egg Dash is inspired by the game Geometry Dash, in which the player must escape obstacles by dodging and jumping. This game adds a lot of challenging hurdles for you to overcome while maintaining the same level of fun as the original. It is your task to carry the egg to the finish line without coming into contact with anything that could shatter it.

You'll lead your egg-shaped character through an eye-catching, colorful landscape as you advance through the game. However, exercise caution as you approach the walls and spikes because they are progressively more challenging. There are fascinating new difficulties at every level. To unlock whole new skins, you also need to gather all the coins you find. Don't give up on the challenging difficulties that lie ahead of you; instead, push yourself through engaging challenges!


  • Vibrant visuals with lots of difficult difficulties
  • Appealing audio
  • Simple control with only a click

How To Play

  • You only need to click the screen to make your egg leap.


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