Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends is an exciting fighting game with the world's top superstars. You will be transformed into talented players on professional basketball teams. Players participate in the round in two main modes: single-player and two-player. The member selection system and types of this game are extremely diverse. Specifically:

  • Single-player Mode: This option includes three types of competition: tournament, free play, and training features. Next, players choose the number of participating members of each team. You can choose to fight solo or duel with a member who moves automatically. Besides, the level of the match can also be customized with a normal or hard type.
  • Two-player Mode: This option will take you into random live rounds. You can still choose solo or duo matches, like single-player mode. In addition, Basketball Legends also has the feature of dueling as a team and competing with the CPU.

Choose the type that best suits you, and join the challenge now! Don't forget to invite friends to have the most thrilling match experience!

How To Play

Basketball Legends has a quite complex maneuver system, and players need to remember it clearly to have the most professional navigation.

  • Single-player Mode: Players move the character using the arrow keys. Additionally, you press the L key to throw the basket, the K key to throw a super basket, and the S key to block the opposing player.
  • Two-player Mode: Player 1 uses the WASD keys to move, the B key to throw the basket, the V key to throw a super basket, and the S key to block the opponent. Meanwhile, Player 2 has the same commands as the single-player mode.

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