Soccer Random

Soccer Random is a game not to be missed for those who are passionate about dramatic situations in soccer matches. Get ready to control physics-based characters with unpredictable movements. Additionally, the onslaught of attacks can overwhelm players with the fast pace of the round. Besides, the ability to react and adjust the timing properly are also important factors that help make the game more enjoyable.

Soccer Random has two game modes: single-player and two-player. The special point of this game is that you will have to control both characters on the same team at the same time. This feature makes the rounds more thrilling than ever. You need to pay attention to the physical movements of both objects to have appropriate strategies and win. Another great point of this game is that the scenery and weather will change with each round. These factors will not affect your main game.

How To Play

The two main characters in Soccer Random will move at the same time with your control commands. Focus on the continuous swaying movements of both entities for the most accurate navigation.

  • Single-player Mode: Players control the entities by pressing the UP arrow key.
  • Two-player Mode: Player 1 uses the W key to control the characters, while Player 2 presses the UP arrow key to maneuver the objects.

Characters will not be able to perform other actions. Therefore, you must completely rely on the situation to break your opponent's attack and score epic goals.

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