Nick Basketball Stars

Nick Basketball Stars is a sports-themed game with dramatic basketball matches featuring familiar cartoon characters. The background of this game is the Spongebob cartoon, which creates a good atmosphere. An open-tournament underwater featuring familiar characters from the Nick series, such as Lincoln Loud, The Loud House, Turtle Ninja, and so on. All of these characters will act as professional dunkers in every round. Choose your favorite player and experience the challenge now!

Nick Basketball Stars includes two game modes: tournaments and random matches. Rounds take place with two members of each team. The team that gets 21 points first will become the final winner. While tournament matches will play out like a real season, the random match mode will have unlimited rounds. This game requires players to be quick at analyzing situations and have lightning-fast control skills.

How To Play

To have the most effective moves, mastering control commands is very important. Command keys in Nick Basketball Stars include:

  • Players use the arrow keys to move.
  • The spacebar is used to block the opponent and shoot.

You need to make quick moves because the pace of the match is non-stop. There are times when it will make you dizzy, so always be ready to have the most professional navigation operations. Another note is to let the main dunker get close to the basket before shooting the ball. The odds of winning will be higher in a position closer to the basket.

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