Basket Random

Basket Random is an online basketball game that blends sports excitement with gaming relaxation. It features two teams, each with a unique role: the dunker and the defender. The goal is to score points by putting the ball into the opponent's basket. The game is straightforward, with the dunker at the forefront and the defender at the back. The round ends when one team scores a point.

How To Play

Basket Random has two game modes: single-player and two-player. Players can choose the position of the character they want to control. Basketball's key player, the dunker, handles and shoots the ball. Control this object to your advantage to jump into the air, steal from opponents, and produce spectacular slam dunks for big points. Behind the dunker, the defender's mission is to manage the other team's movement and limit their scoring possibilities in order to keep them from scoring baskets. Each of these positions has different controls. Specifically:

  • With the dunker: Control this character by pressing the W key. When your team has the right to serve, let’s attack at the highest speed. In another situation, if the opponent has the ball, your team will try to go to the field of the opponent to compete for the ball.
  • With the defender: Control this character by pressing the UP arrow. Always be careful, and make sure this person will not leave his team's basket empty.

To master the match, players should use a flexible keyboard technique and control both team members while the dunker is attacking. If the defender struggles, control them to participate in the support attack.

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