Dunkers Fight 2P

Dunkers Fight 2P is a sports-themed game with volatile basketball matches. Players will participate in solo challenges as a professional dunker. Your task is to control the character to score points into the opponent's basket. Players need to win three points before their opponents win, and vice versa. The characters in the game will have special physical properties. Players need to pay attention to the entity's movements to master actions and attacks.

Dunkers Fight 2P has two game modes: single-player and two-player. The solo match takes place in the exciting setting of an outstanding real football match. The investment in designing the judges and audience makes the excitement of the round increase many times over. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and compete solo now!

How To Play

To have an effective solo match, players need to master the control commands. Specifically:

  • Single-player: Players use the left and right arrow keys to move and the up key to shoot.
  • Two-player: Player 1 uses the A and D keys to move and the W key to shoot. Meanwhile, Player 2 has the same commands as the single-player mode.

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