Ultimate Boxing

Play the Ultimate Boxing game to show off your abilities and win a fierce boxing match! Your objective is to defeat the opponent in this boxing match between two fighters vying for the championship belt. As long as the opponent is not knocked down and is unable to stand up for 10 seconds, the fight will continue. Steer clear of the opponent's blows and take him out. You have to guess which of the two will emerge victorious after twelve rounds. 

Select one of the two outstanding combatants and step into the ring. The player needs to combine offensive and defensive moves to become proficient. Put the heavy blows your opponent delivers on the appropriate boxing gloves. Discover how to manipulate every aspect of this game with the mouse, including doing some amazing stunts. 

Tips And Tricks

Understanding your own fighting style and taking advantage of your opponents' flaws are the keys to advancement. Have patience and don't make hasty decisions. Rather, anticipate what your adversary will do and launch a successful counterattack. Keep in mind that defense is just as crucial as offense, so stopping your opponent's shot when it matters most might make all the difference. 

How To Play

  • Tap to punch or jab.
  • Uppercut with a swipe upward 
  • Drag left or right to hook left or right. 
  • Touch the direction to move.

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