Tap-Tap Shots

Tap-Tap Shots is a fun and captivating basketball simulation game that offers a fresh perspective. To touch the ball in the air and get it to fall into the basket in the allotted time is the primary goal of the game. This entertaining task puts players' basketball abilities, reflexes, and strategic thinking to the test.

The game's UI greets players with a minimalistic yet eye-catching design. The player must touch the ball to increase its bounce and ensure that it lands in the basket before the timer goes off in order to score points. The game becomes more exciting as players avoid striking the rim because the multiplier rises.

Its distinct control system sets this game apart from other basketball games. You will have direct control of the ball instead of the player's movements on the pitch. Players now have to modify the ball's trajectory and distance to prevent it from being tossed out of bounds when it hits the hoop, making for a more engaging gameplay experience.

How To Play

  • To make the ball bounce, tap or click.

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