Step inside Basketball Shot 2 and discover a virtual basketball court waiting for you. A fastball and a piece of plate will greet you when you enter the field. It indicates that the ultimate goal of the match is to score a goal by successfully blocking the ball.

You have just eight attempts, and if you make a good shot, you'll gain points and an extra life. The way the game is played, players are rewarded for their consistency with each consecutive successful shot, which doubles the amount of points awarded. This keeps the gameplay interesting and competitive while introducing a challenge.

You may aim more precisely in the game by using the dot lines as guidelines. But keep in mind that it is only a tool and has no control over how your shot turns out. The success of your shot is largely dependent on your capacity to estimate the direction and force of each throw. This feature of the game pushes players to improve their abilities and create a calculated strategy for racking up points. In the virtual world of this game, gather your friends, challenge one another, and feel the rush of making the perfect shot!

How To Play

  • Touchscreen or mouse

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