The Linear Basketball

Basketball takes on a new dimension thanks to the innovative and thrilling game called The Linear Basketball. This is an online game that combines line drawing strategy with the excitement of basketball. The game is designed to challenge players' creativity and problem-solving skills while still providing a fun and entertaining experience.

A boy named Thomas, who is very excited to join the school basketball team, is the main character of this game. You're here to help him hone his abilities so he can accomplish that before he does. Your goal as a player is to assist Thomas in becoming a better basketball player by assisting him in dribbling the ball to the hoop using a sequence of well-planned passes.

A basketball hoop will appear on the screen, and a ball will float relative to it at a specific distance. Using a special pencil, you must draw a line to direct the ball into the ring. You will score points and advance to the next challenge when the ball rolls along the line and falls into the basket. Sounds appealing, right? So, take out your pencil and get ready to play this thrilling online game and explore the path to the top.

How To Play

  • To play the game, touch the screen or use the mouse.

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