Soccer Snakes

Soccer Snakes allows you to compete in soccer on a planet populated by snakes. In this game, snakes compete one-on-one. You'll see the funny and exhilarating pandemonium when two clumsy snakes take to the field to play soccer.

The screen will show you a football pitch with two goals built. The snakes are released from the cage by clicking or pushing the space bar. While controlling a snake, you must crawl over the soccer field and try to get the ball. You will begin attacking the enemy's goal, with your objective being to defeat the opponent's snake and push the ball into the goal. Gobble up glittering blue dots to recharge this power.

There are two game modes available: versus the computer or two people using the same keyboard on the same computer. To increase your chances of scoring points, target the snake's head assault at the best angle. Two crazy and clumsy snakes competing in a soccer match are the ideal blend of comedy, mayhem, and sport.


  • Experience exciting and chaotic snake sports.
  • There are two game modes: play solo or pair with a friend.
  • User-friendly controls

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys and spacebar to control the snake.

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