2D Crazy Basketball

If you love basketball and are confident in your shooting skills, then the 2D Crazy Basketball game is for you! In order to compete in larger tournaments, you will assist a teenager in improving his ball-throwing abilities in this game today. Make more baskets with your incredible shooting abilities.

A ball will be in front of you when you first join the game, some distance away from the ring. To determine the throw's trajectory and carry out the maneuver, you must use the dotted line. It is necessary to calculate the trajectory since it will indicate whether or not the ball will fall into the hoop. A correct calculation will get you points when you hit the ring.

The only thing you have to do to play the game is aim with the mouse at the basketball hoop. There are five distinct stages in the game, each of which corresponds to a different scene. To get through each of these levels, you must practice and make money. Only the first three maps—street, other planet, and jungle—are available for play when the game first launches. Tossing the balls into the hoop is your main responsibility. Participate in the game to see how many points you can score.

How To Play

  • Simply click and drag the ball around with your mouse.

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