Air Hockey Cup

Prepare yourself for an entirely new experience in the thrilling game of Air Hockey Cup. You will compete in American, European, Continental, and national competitions in this game. Do you want to win more games and climb the world rankings with the ball in your hand?

With a slight modification, this game is based on the fundamentals of table tennis. Kicking the ball into your opponent's net will score you a point. In addition to scoring, you also want to trick your rivals and go up the rankings.

Each level has five balls, and each ball will shoot in the direction of its impact with another ball. Never let your guard down, and make sure you're constantly on the move. To make flawless shots, try to become an expert at controlling the ball's direction and speed. Adept and fast enough to kick the ball past the opposition and into the goal before they do.


  • There are various game options to select from, including time limit, goal limit, sudden death, and tournament.
  • Thanks to sophisticated physics, the ball behaves realistically, allowing you to witness it bounce and slide.
  • You can change the sound effects, field size, player card count, ball speed, and difficulty level.
  • The sound and visuals are fantastic; you can hear the crowd cheering, the players screaming, and the ball hitting the wall.

How To Play

  • Move the cards to face the ball by dragging them with your mouse or touch screen.

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