Basket Swooshes Plus

Prepare yourself to enjoy basketball thrills like never before with Basket Swooshes Plus! Playing against players from around the globe, you will take part in the World Basketball Championship in this thrilling game. You will first select your nation before taking the court to face your rivals. You have to shoot the ball into the hoop when the signal goes off, trying to score as many points as you can in a set amount of time. Click on your character and follow the dashed line to set the trajectory. The ball will enter the hoop, and you will score if you execute the move correctly.

You may tailor your gaming experience to your preferences with this game's assortment of competitive modes, which include Time Trial, World Cup, and 2-player options. In front of the computer or a friend, you must make 11 baskets in one minute while in time trial mode. The player who scores 11 points the quickest wins and moves on to the championship. In addition, you can test your abilities by playing against the CPU, other players, or—even more intriguing—entire championships that demand even greater skill levels. Prepare to impress everyone with your basketball skills in Basket Swooshes Plus!


  • The game's 3D graphics are stunning.
  • There are numerous game modes for you to try.
  • Develop your accurate and fast basketball throwing skills.
  • Players are drawn to simple games.

How To Play

  • To win, you must toss 11 balls into the first basket after using the mouse cursor to aim the ball into the hoop.

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