Basketball Damage

Start having fun and showing off your shooting skills in Basketball Damage game. You get complete freedom of movement and direction while throwing the ball into the ring in this game. You can unlock and play with a variety of balls throughout the game. From traditional basketballs to brightly colored balls, they are sure to captivate you. Try to outdo the previous record or compete with your friends to see who can rack up the highest score.

A playground with a basketball hoop will be visible in the beginning. A ball will materialize in the sky and whirl around at a set pace. In order to score, you must determine how long it will take to throw the ball into the ring. Bonus points are awarded whenever you score a goal in the game. With each level you complete, the game's difficulty rises. But you'll also find strength in the game to help you out. In other words, get ready to score with pinpoint throws and bounce!

How To Play

  • Shift to the left or right by pressing A or D.

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