Basketball King

For fans of basketball, the newest game in the sports genre, Basketball King, is an exciting and captivating experience. The game gives players the opportunity to participate in basketball competitions and take home the desired championship. The player will see a basketball court full of balls at various distances from the hoop when the game first starts. The idea is to guide each ball toward the hoop using the mouse in order to score a goal.

One of the balls needs to be pushed in a specific direction. You are right when you predict that the ball will strike the basketball hoop. As a result, you will score a goal and be awarded points. It is your goal to hit every ball on the field without missing any.

The game mechanics are basic but hard. Each shot's trajectory must be carefully considered by players, who must take into consideration variables including wind resistance, distance, and angle of attack. Since missing something might cost you points, accuracy and precision are crucial for success. This game will undoubtedly provide you with a unique and amazing gaming experience!

How To Play

  • Slide to launch the ball.

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