Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shoot is a visually appealing and exciting game that has won the hearts of many sports fans. The main character of the game is Jack, a young man who loves hoops and wishes to play for his school team. Jack needs to work on his throws and increase his accuracy when putting the ball in the hoop to achieve this goal.

You are Jack's tour guide in this thrilling adventure as the player. The gameplay of the game is very simple. First, a basketball hoop is displayed on the screen. The ball will appear at a specific distance from it. Click on it to activate the dashed line. You can use it to determine the trajectory of the ball and the force of the throw.

Your task is to create a dashed line on the screen to assist Jack in calculating the trajectory and throwing force of the ball. You can shoot the ball if you are satisfied with your calculations. If the ball enters the ring correctly, you will receive points in the game. But not making a basket will cost you a life, and the game will end if Jack runs out of lives. Each basket created increases in difficulty as the game continues.

How To Play

  • To shoot and shoot, tap or drag.

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