Basketball Shot

Enter the exciting universe of Basketball Shot, a virtual basketball game that promises hours of fun and entertainment. This thrilling game takes you to a contemporary virtual basketball court with a basket on the shield and an agility ball. The game will start when you're ready, providing you with eight chances to score and demonstrate your skill as a basketball player.

You gain points and additional lives for each goal you complete successfully, but that's not all. Your gaming experience will be more exciting if you can successfully complete consecutive goals, because doing so will double your point total. The game gives you a dotted line to use as a guide to increase your accuracy. Ultimately, though, your success is determined by your astute observation and capacity for consequence calculation.

Basketball Shot provides the ideal fusion of competitiveness, skill, and strategy. It tests your ability to aim better, push yourself to the limit, and become an expert at determining the ideal trajectory. Prepare yourself to become the greatest virtual basketball player and take your rightful spot at the top!

How To Play

  • To shoot the ball, use touch.

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