Basketball Slide

Play Basketball Slide, an entertaining game for fans of the basketball sport! The game will be more difficult and engaging thanks to its creative sliding mechanics. In this game, your goal is to pass the ball through as many rings as you can in the allotted time. To accomplish this, slide the basketball over the table and into the hoop using your mouse or touch screen.

As you pull the ball towards the target, an intriguing gameplay twist will put your accuracy to the test. Your shot will have more power the longer you pull. If your calculations are accurate, you will be able to advance through progressively harder levels of difficulty by earning points each time the ball enters the ring.

Tips and Trick

Your ability to finish the task in the allotted time and use reasoning to get the goal is crucial to winning this game. In this game, time is your worst adversary, so try to make the most of every second. Make an effort to practice, and don't give up if you make a few mistakes the first time.


  • Your ability to aim and shoot will play a major role in how well you shoot the ball into the hoop.
  • There are numerous stages in the game that present you with various obstacles.
  • The excitement is increased by the rush of competing against the clock.

How To Play

  • You can shoot the ball towards the goal by aiming, clicking, and dragging it with your mouse or touch screen.

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