Basketball Smash

In the game Basketball Smash, venture into the world of hoops lovers! Tossing the ball into the basket is all that is required. However, time is limited. You have to have enough time to score the most goals in the basket while the horizontal scale bar at the top of the screen is rapidly diminishing. If your shot hits the target, particularly if you can hit it twice or three times in a row, time will be added.

This game will undoubtedly put your accuracy, focus, and patience to the test. The playing field's color will start to drastically shift, and shields with baskets will start to appear on either side. To concentrate on your objective of putting the ball in the basket, you must remove all color distractions. This makes the game more exciting.

The basketball's height and pace are controlled by the mouse. You have to use caution since pushing too quickly will knock the ball out of the hoop, and pressing too slowly will keep the basketball behind the rim. You will score points if you consistently make perfect throws. Gaining points helps you unlock a new ball.

How To Play

  • Leap with the ball and use the mouse to shoot the basket in the allotted time.

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