Cannon Basketball 4

Greetings and salutations, and welcome to Cannon Basketball 4, a thrilling basketball game! You can score goals in this game even without a team of highly competent players. Instead, you'll need to pilot a basketball cannon and start shooting hoops for points as you go through the levels.

On the playground, we can see a basketball hoop and a variety of wooden building blocks right in front of us. Scoring points will be your objective as you make basket throws. Make sure to properly calculate the course of your ball. The reason being, you can't earn bonus points unless you put the ball in the basket.

This game offers fifteen thrilling levels for you to enjoy. Various platforms and other devices, like buttons and levers, are scattered throughout the levels. Levels are increasingly challenging as you progress through the game, forcing you to think outside the box to overcome them. Find a way to separate your cannon from the ring using your reasoning skills. Meanwhile, you need to clear the path for the ball to reach its goal. Is it possible to finish each level in one go?


  • Fifteen stages to conquer
  • Visually stunning 2D graphics
  • Various riddles to crack

How To Play

  • To shoot the ball, use the mouse to choose the direction and force, and then click.

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