City Ball Dunkin

Embark on an exciting adventure through the bustling cityscape with the City Ball Dunkin game. A unique and captivating game that blends the excitement of flight with the difficulty of accuracy. In this one-of-a-kind gaming experience, players take control of a ball that has two enchanted angel wings that let it soar through the city sky.

Despite their modest size, the wings provide a strong striking force that makes it easier for the ball to soar and move through the city's streets. The true challenge, though, is getting the ball through an eye-catching sequence of rapidly moving rings that are headed in the player's direction. It is vital to successfully dive into these rings because failing to do so will result in death. You have three lives; therefore, every action matters.

New sporting equipment will become available to players as they advance through the game, upping the action and challenging them. Because of the game's dynamics, no two plays are ever the same, which keeps players interested and motivated to get better. Explore the universe of City Ball Dunkin and feel the exhilaration of flight like never before.

How To Play

  • To play, click or tap.

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