Death Ball

In Death Ball, you compete against your opponents to see who can throw and dodge the ball the best. There are a lot of levels waiting for you as the game takes you on an exciting competition. Until one player remains in the arena, it is your job to toss the ball at them.

Entering a room of a specific size, as seen on the screen, is the first step. At the center of the field is your hero, while on the other side is your enemy. You can find balls on the floor at different spots. To get to the ball, you'll need to direct your character as they dash past a variety of hazards. After that, take aim and hurl the ball towards an adversary. They will lose when the balls make contact with their opponent. The ability to remove competitors from the competition and earn points for doing so is a direct result of this.

Since the balls can be regenerated and tossed at will, the action will never come to a close. Compared to a regular throw, the damage dealt by a charged attack is substantial. In order to strike multiple enemies simultaneously, you must meticulously calculate and select the correct trajectory. Gain access to exclusive content by winning. Let's go to the top of the rankings!

How To Play

  • Direct your avatar's movements using the directional keys or the virtual joystick.

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