Drift Hunt

Drift Hunt is a 3D racing game that will leave you in amazement. When you start the game, you will be able to choose between six different locales. Each area will have unique geography and difficulties, such as twisting turns or tough mountain routes. They may also be cities, deserts, training fields, ports, and so forth.

The game is completely traffic-free, allowing you to fully demonstrate your driving skills. Accelerate to the red line on the speedometer, then turn quickly and retain the vehicle to avoid skidding and colliding with the corner of a building or structure. When you drive effectively, you will earn money and bonus points. You can use the money you earn to go to the garage and purchase a new car.

The Unique Features

  • With gorgeous visuals, it delivers an engaging experience.
  • Choose between playing alone or competing online against others.
  • There are six racing terrains to pick from.

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys or Arrow keys to navigate the car.
  • Using the space key, pull the handbrake.
  • Press C to change the camera angle.
  • Reposition the vehicle using R.
  • Convert KMH to MPH with U.
  • Press I to start or stop the engine.

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