Dude Basket

In Dude Basket, throw the ball into the basket with the boy wearing shirt number 88 in the cold winter. This is the game that will allow you to showcase your abilities while having a blast like never before. Prepare for an unforgettable basketball experience as you go on a journey with numerous levels to conquer.

The only consideration is how hard you want to throw, given the distance and height of the ring. It needs to be in the ideal position to score and win. When you begin playing, you will notice a bar next to you that measures your throwing speed and an arrow pointing towards the basket. You must exercise extreme caution when determining the appropriate throwing direction and force.

Many hurdles will stand in your way of reaching the basket. In a cold, snowy environment, they can potentially become impediments to tossing the ball. You will earn bonus points if you focus and throw precisely. Grab the ball and hurl it into the hoop in the cold room right now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to precisely adjust the force and angle needed to throw the ball.

Experience the thrill of a virtual basketball court with our game recommendation, Just One. Start playing now and prove yourself a winner!

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