Dunk Hit

In the game Dunk Hit, you can hone your basketball shooting talents and take advantage of large spaces. This game is ideal for boys who enjoy the skillful sport of basketball. Your goal is to make as many baskets as possible before time expires. To win this fascinating game, you must be extremely skilled at putting the ball in the basket.

First, select your preferred ball color from a selection of nine. However, in the initial levels, you can only select the default color. However, as you continue through the stages, you will be able to unlock other ball colors that you enjoy. When you enter the level, you'll notice your ball is just close to the basketball. To make the ball bounce, you will need to click on the screen with your mouse. At the same time, you must align the ball's trajectory so that it can land in the basket.

You may need to practice multiple times before you can perfect shooting the ball into the hoop. Don't be disheartened; patience and practice are essential to success in this game. The main purpose is to determine the trajectory of the ball as it jumps to score a goal. Pay great attention to the time because the time scale decreases with each toss, and if you don't throw the ball quickly enough, it will run out. By tapping a set quantity of points, you can advance to the next level. Move the ball around the game screen to burn them all!

How To Play

  • Push the ball with a touch or a mouse click.

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