Dunk Jump

Prepare yourself for an arcade and basketball gaming experience like no other with Dunk Jump. Your main objective is to tap the basketball to make it bounce and soar while navigating difficult obstacles. Take care not to bump into any potential spikes on the side walls when pushing the ball. Beyond just being obstacles, these walls act as a starting point for you, giving the game an additional strategic element.

The addition of new spherical objects as you advance is what distinguishes this basketball game from others. This implies that, in order to keep the gameplay interesting and dynamic, you will have to modify your skills to fit various scenarios. In addition, the game awards you with stars, which you can use as in-game money to buy improvements or new balls to replace the ones you already have.

Even though it might not be a typical basketball game, this one nonetheless calls for continuous attention and fast reflexes. An opponent will join you as you go through the levels, giving the obstacles you face a competitive aspect. You will come across a unique exam every five levels where you will compete against your opponents in a test of speed and skill. Are you prepared to unleash your basketball and arcade prowess in the exhilarating Dunk Jump universe?

How To Play

  • Simple touch and tap controls and engrossing gaming elements!

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