Emoji Dunk Clicker

A 2D game called Emoji Dunk Clicker blends the excitement of basketball with emojis. Unlike other games where the object is to throw the ball into the basket, this game is completely different. The ball in this game will be swapped out for vibrant emojis.

As you go into this game, the basketball court where the ring will be placed will be visible. Above, a ball resembling an emoticon will be shown on the opposite side. The ball must jump into the air and land in the ring by using your mouse to click on the screen and cause it to jump. To enable the ball to fall into the basket, precisely align its trajectory. Your score increases as you throw more.

You won't be able to throw the ball after the allotted time has passed, so pay attention to the clock. Good luck, and don't forget that there are still tons of amazing games to check out today—we promise it would be a pity if you missed them!

How To Play

  • To make the ball jump, tap the screen.

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