Finger Basketball

In Finger Basketball, keep the basketball in the air with your fingertips before shooting it into the basket. Are you ready for a fast-paced, demanding game? The game will test your leaping ability to see if you can acquire new balls to demonstrate your skills.

The ball will launch it into the air, and your mission is to click on it with the mouse to maintain it in the air and prevent it from falling to the ground. To successfully shoot the ball into the ring in this game, you must be accurate. You will earn points for each successful toss. Try to score as many points as possible while using your limited number of basketballs.

Using your earned scores, you can unlock a variety of gorgeously designed balls. Glass balls and ridiculously enormous billiard balls are examples of extremely appealing balls. This game allows you to choose from five different balls.


  • Designed with a gorgeous interface and simple controls.
  • Each successful shot causes the spinning to shift position, making the game plenty of thrilling difficulties.
  • Single-finger control.

How to play

  • Use your finger or mouse to propel the ball into the air and toward the hoop.

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