Flappy Superhero Dunk

You will assist the superhero in Flappy Superman Dunk to reach the location of the robbery as soon as possible. You only have three objects, so you'll need to be really careful since you'll lose a life if you miss two in a row. The hero you see will fly over the skies. You'll make sure he stays on the road and avoids any obstructions.

You can use the up arrow key on your keyboard to make your avatar fly, or you can just click on your character with your mouse to keep it flying at a specific height. You can play this game in unlimited mode. In the shortest amount of time, you will achieve your goal of continuing as long as you can. In order to unlock as many superhero characters as you can, you attempt to gather different objects in the air at varying heights throughout the game.

In addition, touching the full circle will score one point, and going through it straight will score two points. Additionally, you'll notice that there are unique tokens available for you to select from that allow you to double your points and reduce the size of your superhero avatar. Step into the limitless path that lies ahead of you by starting now!

How To Play

  • To play, use the mouse or up arrow.

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