Flick N Goal

An entertaining game called Flick N Goal is ideal for football aficionados. You will be the team's best player in this game, and your job is to dribble the opposition and score as many goals as you can. To win, you have to strategically manage your players. Form a team and hone your strategic skills when facing off against opponents. To score as many points as you can before time runs out, toss the ball into the goal!

Initially, you will select your team from a wide range of nations. After that, a field with players from both your team and your opponents on it will appear in front of you. Until you toss the ball into the opposing goal, you will hold the ball. Opponents may steal the ball from you, so use caution. At that point, you have to aim for the goal with all of your might in order to keep it from going into your net. Every bout will have a minute duration. The gameplay of the game is made to be both difficult and approachable. Your tactical awareness and reflexes are put to the test in every game. Now go ahead and play!

How To Play

  • To hit the ball and maneuver the player, drag and drop the mouse.

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