Flipper Dunk

Prepare yourself for a fresh and thrilling basketball experience with the latest Flipper Dunk game! This cutting-edge game appeals to both casual players and sports fans alike since it provides a distinctive blend of skill, strategy, and fast reflexes.

A basketball hoop and two levers beneath it are shown on the screen when the game first launches. A ball will launch and fall when the game begins. It's up to you to use the joystick keys to manipulate the lever and move the ball in the direction of the ring. Your ability to precisely time your actions and make sure the ball enters the ring before the timer goes out is what makes the game so exciting. The game is over if the timer expires before you score.


  • Engaging gameplay: You won't get bored as you immerse yourself in ever-increasing risks and challenges.
  • Simple controls: Play the game with ease because the navigation is quite straightforward but nevertheless functional, accommodating players of all skill levels.
  • Diverse Levels: Take on an infinite number of levels that offer nonstop thrills and enjoyment for a never-ending supply of amusement.
  • Pleasurable rewards: Feel the thrill of seeing well-executed throws handsomely rewarded, which makes every effort put forth genuinely worthwhile.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or the paddle.

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