Football Kickoff

In the 3D football sports game Football Kickoff, get set to guide your squad to the ultimate triumph! You will compete against formidable opponents in the world championship finals in this game. Your goal is to kick the ball over the arch to lead your team and score as many points as you can.

It is up to you to determine if your team can win, even though your opponents will make scoring goals difficult. Your football player will pop up on the screen right in front of you. By swiping up, you have possession of the ball and can kick it into the goal. Doing this will allow you to score a goal. Your most recent kick will be given bonus points at that point.

It's not as simple as you may think to kick the ball into the goal, though. There are numerous variables that affect how you pitch. Therefore, you must choose the direction and force of your kick by considering the field's dimensions, the direction of the wind, and your own position. Show that you are a superb player with outstanding scoring ability! Are you prepared to have fun and take part in this thrilling sport?

How To Play

  • To get the ball through the goal posts, use your touch or mouse.

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