Funny Shooter

In Funny Shooter, you will have to deal with rebels who have taken over the city and are establishing dominance. They lay out guidelines and demands that we have to abide by. All of their demands, though, are utterly intolerable and occasionally irrational. You have to put an end to them and restore harmony to your cherished city.

With eighteen various weapons at your disposal, you can protect yourself from the approaching enemy onslaught. With the help of strong weaponry like machine guns, handguns, bazookas, and grenade launchers, players can eliminate adversaries. It is imperative that you prioritize your protection and avoid being encircled. There is a wide range of sizes and skills among your adversaries. They have the ability to surprise you by attacking from behind. As a result, players need to choose their weapons carefully and react quickly to dodge enemy attacks.

It won't be simple, even if your opponent is armed—even if it's just a stick—because they are enraged. The ultimate aim is to triumph and annihilate all adversaries. With the extra thrill of music and the bravery to protect the city, you can fully immerse yourself in the game.

How To Play

  • Mouse - look around
  • WASD - movement

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