Welcome to Gaps, the newest game that's waiting for you! The game's objective is straightforward but captivating: move a ball of a certain color past barriers and to the finish line without running into any black balls or other obstacles.

Each level begins with the ball at the starting line, and the player has a set amount of time to finish the track. The player must click or tap the touch screen or mouse to accelerate the ball as it travels along the track, since it accelerates gradually. Although the ball moves smoothly and fluidly, making it easy to manage, it can be challenging to get around obstacles and traps and complete the course without striking anything.

The Void is filled with various sized and shaped obstacles, ranging from stationary barriers to moving traps that need to be avoided with rapid reflexes. In order to choose the optimum path, players must utilize their spatial reasoning skills to avoid obstacles and look out for black balls, which, if struck, would immediately finish the game. As the player advances through the levels, the game becomes more challenging, making it harder to finish each course in the allotted time.

How To Play

  • To shoot the ball between obstacles, click on the screen.

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