Goal Finger Football

Welcome to the football game with a new way of playing called Goal Finger Football. You can choose any number of your favorite teams and start this exciting game. The football field in this game is unlike other games. You will not see two goals facing each other like normal, but instead only one goal appears anywhere on the screen. Surrounding the soccer field are walls that can reflect the ball. You will use the mouse to direct the ball to hit the wall and enter the goal. If you throw correctly, the ball will go into the goal, and you will complete the level.

The game has 100 exciting levels that you can explore. The following levels will become increasingly difficult. Then, in the middle of the field, there will be blocking walls, and you have to be smart to choose the correct direction for your ball. Enter the new world of football and enjoy endless fun!

Tips For Winning

Please do not throw the ball directly into the goal. Instead, start throwing your ball against the wall first, and then the players blocking the goal will disappear. This is the perfect time for your ball to be thrown into the goal without anything blocking it.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to navigate the ball.

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