Halloween Head Soccer

Play Halloween Head Soccer, a creepy one- or two-player soccer game. This game is a whirlwind that captivates you with its masterful fusion of a Halloween theme and football action. In this game, players take on the forms of mummies, witches, vampires, demons, skeletons, and even Death herself.

You can select between single-player and double-player modes when you first start the game. The game is still played in accordance with FIFA regulations. Hitting the ball into the goal is your task. With a countdown timer at the top, the match has a set duration. Thus, take caution when kicking. Calculate each ball precisely in order to use as many balls as feasible to hit the goal. To win, you need to score at least one goal more than your rival.

Are you prepared to play a game of soccer? You may select your most beloved Halloween character. Your favorite Halloween character can be unlocked in the game to give the gameplay a distinct twist. Let's get started with this incredible soccer match right now. Something you will always remember!

How To Play

  • When playing alone, use the arrow keys to move Z and X to shoot.
  • Player 1: Use keys A, D to move, N, and M to shoot.
  • Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move and shoot 1, 2.

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