Head Sports Basketball

Head Sports Basketball is a sports-themed game with unique gameplay and thrilling twists. Players control a character who competes and scores to win. However, this basketball match is special in that the participants will use their heads instead of their hands. It's fun with extremely attractive heading movements and top strategies. The game requires players to have good navigation techniques and quick reactions. Don't forget that scoring your own basket will help your opponent get closer to victory.

There is a small tip that you can apply while participating in Head Sports Basketball. As a first step, let the main entity safely defend the basket by jumping continuously. When you see your character collide with the ball, make it bounce ideally and counterattack. The field range in this game is very narrow, so players need to navigate the entity to make quick and consecutive shots.

The exciting gameplay

At the beginning of Head Sports Basketball, players need to customize the outfit for the main character. In addition, you can also choose the weather and time the round takes place. These factors will not affect the effectiveness of the struggle. After the specified time, the side that wins more points will win.

How To Play

To have an impressive match, gamers need to understand the main commands to control the character. Specifically:

  • Use the arrow key to move and jump.
  • Press the Z key to kick the ball into the opposing basket.

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