Jump Dunk

Jump up and down on the trampoline, then toss the ball into the red cup in the Jump Dunk game. This is a must-see sporting event for basketball fans. In this game, you'll have to accomplish difficult shots, including spring hops, baskets, front flips, and more.

The technique of selecting the precise and appropriate timing to throw the ball is crucial. Use your precision abilities to get the ball into the hoop. Before joining other players, you can play the initial levels to learn how the game works. The level becomes increasingly difficult and challenging as it progresses, which will keep you intrigued. You will face higher-level opponents who are experienced and difficult to overcome.

To start, simply throw a cup of red, but as you progress, you'll need to add more and more cups, eventually becoming towers. Destroy the tower, and place the red cup in an area where you can hit it. You will be standing on a spring mattress, making it difficult to calculate the distance to toss the ball. After five levels, you will always face a boss encounter to put your talents to the test. After ten stages and two boss encounters, the playing field changes, and you can progress to the beach level. Today, jump on the trampoline and throw a ball!

How To Play

  • Simple touch or mouse controls combined with engrossing gaming elements!

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