Jump Dunk 3D

In the basketball shooting game in Jump Dunk 3D, you will have to shoot baskets while leaping on the trampoline. Tossing basketballs into the air while controlling the game's characters is your mission. It will be challenging to beat your opponent if there are any obstacles or movements.

When the game first starts, two colorful stick figures can be seen approaching the basketball ring from a distance in order to throw the ball. You will give the athlete instructions on how to toss the ball after he bounces on the trampoline. Green paint must be applied to the topmost rectangles on the screen. And this will only take place if you make a precise shot. It should be noted that the latter levels get harder and harder, with the initial level being rather easy. But the harder and more demanding the game gets as you go through the later stages,.

In order to maintain an advantage over your rivals, you must act fast. If not, your opponent will triumph before you. Have you ever engaged in any intriguing hoop-shooting exercises? Launch the game right now to enjoy its captivating gameplay and 3D visuals. You have a lot of fascinating things in store for you! I hope you enjoy yourselves!

How To Play

  • A simple click will do the trick.

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