Lobotomy Dash

Unlike traditional platforms, Lobotomy Dash doesn't make split-second decisions and performs pixel-perfect jumps. Rather, it is about allowing the crazy to take the lead and accepting the absurd. You'll still control our beloved cube, but instead of making bold leaps, you'll use steady, methodical movements to navigate challenging terrain.

The game's platforming style is very different. This game celebrates your timing and rhythm instead of punishing you for every wrong step. Instead of requiring quick reflexes to complete a level, careful movements and precise timing are required. It's more important how well you can get through the chaos than how quickly you can complete the level.

But it's not just Geometry Dash fans who should play this game. This game is for you if you want to feel the thrill of conquering the unusual. Anyone who enjoys a fun challenge will find the game's rhythmic gameplay and simple enjoyment very appealing. Lobotomy Dash caters to all skill levels of platformer players, regardless of previous experience. Join this melodic rebellion against conventional wisdom and let the madness be your guide!

How To Play

  • You manipulate your character with the arrow keys.


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