Mini Golf Saga

Play the entertaining mini-golf game Mini Golf Saga to see how well you can whack each ball into the hole. The scene of the game is a bright tropical beach with a refreshing breeze blowing. You can aim and toss the ball without interference from anyone. To make the balls fall into the hole before your playing time runs out, you must tap the balls.

Try to miss as few balls as possible and carefully consider each shot in order to have a fun and accurate mini-golf experience. Don't forget that you have a limited amount of balls to toss each round, so don't miss any throws. A row of golf balls appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate how many turns you have left on each course. The item that is presented will lose one ball for each throw of the ball.

Before throwing the ball, carefully consider the situation as a whole and develop a plan of action to reach your objectives. You will restart the game if you run out of balls before you can get the ball into the hole. That would be unfortunate if you had finished some of the earlier stages. In addition, coins that appear in this game can be collected. You can win and try your hardest to acquire the highest score thanks to the game design tactics.

How To Play

  • To change the force and direction, press "MOUSE"

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