Nifty Hoopers

The latest sports game to launch is called Nifty Hoopers and it's going to take the basketball world by storm! The match is a real monument to basketball's ongoing appeal, a sport that has enthralled spectators for many years around the world.

You will get the chance to compete against the world's top basketball players and represent your nation in this game, which is a global championship. Picking your nation is the first, and most crucial, decision you must make in the game. This choice affects not just the color of your team's shirts but also who your opponents will be during the competition.

You will find yourself on the field, taking on your opponents when the game starts. Any fan of basketball is familiar with the court, which is a wide rectangular area with hoops at each end. With the ball in his grasp, your character will be standing a few meters away from the ring. It's time to kick the ball when the referee sounds the whistle to begin play! Put on your sneakers, pick up the ball, and head out onto the field!

How To Play

  • Use mouse to throw the ball


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